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Practical Lisp 2008

A little more than three years ago there was a thread in comp.lang.lisp about what people were working on in Common Lisp. I found the replies, some summarized here, quite inspirational; they were from people doing practical stuff (even Real Work) with Common Lisp, beyond things like going through Project Euler or doing exercises from SICP. (Not that those aren't fine things to do, but.)

Let's update this. What are you using Common Lisp for in 2008? What are you using to do it? I'll start:

I mostly use Common Lisp to make graphics toys at Wigflip.com. To that end I'm always looking for new ways to produce or consume graphics-related things. For example, I'm adding support for processing OpenType fonts to ZPB-TTF and making a hybrid of Skippy and Vecto to produce simple vector-oriented animations. I'd also like to add APNG support to ZPNG.

I primarily use SBCL on Linux, x86 and x86-64, with Emacs and SLIME. For deploying all my website stuff I use Edi-ware extensively: Hunchentoot, HTML-TEMPLATE, and CL-WHO. I use CLSQL for a few things too. For graphics work, I use mostly my own libraries.

How about you? Leave a comment and let me know.




Budget planning of the communes

we (http://common-lisp.net/project/cl-dwim/) are working on the budget planning and general communication to the communes in hungary.

this is basically an ajaxy webapp with ~5000 users (~500 at peak times) that gathers information from the communes and (based on the budget laws) computes the money each commune gets. at given moments in the year this survey is updated and the numbers recalculated based on the new survey results and the possible changes in the law. the site runs on a cluster of blades with threaded SBCL's (using sticky web sessions).

the whole software stack is free and on top of it is SBCL (a very big thanks to all the developers, SBCL is a key component for us and works great!).

we use numerous opensource libraries, and wrote several others ourselves. we are using the ucw_ajax branch, but there's some more detail available at the link above.

- attila.lendvai@that-big-mail-site-by-google

ps: although the app seems to be a big success based on the feedback from the users, it looks like the government is not willing to invest in it (and we are not willing to fill pockets). so we may be available for telecommunicating jobs in the near future...