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An anonymous user wrote
on March 5th, 2008 at 11:52 am

We are compiling COBOL & CA-IDEAL to Java or C# with Common Lisp. Currently, we work with Lispworks.

Nothing particularly exciting, but we are doing control flow refactoring and mapping from say network databases to relational model.

main features are translation and BRE.

My development machine runs Linux, but it is a windows app, so my development is done inside VMWare (gonna get rid of it though after some tweaks to make it really cross-platform :) )

I am using Lispworks IDE at the moment. Emacs is/was my personal preference, but I got seduced by LW tools :)

Lately we moved to embrace and use some of freely available Common Lisp libraries. At this stage, only a little bit - however there are plans on using cl-ppcre extensively e.g..

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