Stumpysebthecat wrote
on March 3rd, 2008 at 12:56 am

Yet more web stuff

Mostly, I'm using it to build a few online shops/galleries. I'm distilling a library from it, and will publish that once It's proven to be working usefully - hopefully it'll save somebody else from building the backend stuff from scratch all over again.

I'm sneaking it into my dayjob, in a Java house. Actually, it's not that stealthy - I said "by the way, it's in Lisp," got a few raspberries in response, and carried on. I've Buckley's chance of converting them, but at least I get to use my language of choice in writing utilities here. Mostly just crunching logfiles and using XML-RPC to update intranet pages, but we'll see how far I can expand it.

Which technologies am I using? cl-ppcre, clsql, hunchentoot and cl-who, off the top of my head and in no particular order. I was using araneida, but that seems to have died a death, so I've moved to a platform that runs on recent versions of SBCL.

VIlisp, Vim and a couple of x-terms are about as integrated as my development environment has gotten - who needs Java-style overhead? When I get the time free, I'll try re-implementing VIlisp in CL itself, but only because I don't like depending on Perl.

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