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sleinen wrote
on March 1st, 2008 at 01:40 pm

Lisp for fun and profit

I could say that I have been paid for doing Lisp for most of the past twenty years, starting as a student investigating a port of PCL to PSL (turned out to be too hard for me because PSL lacks closures) and writing a Lisp program (first running in PSL on a Cray-1, later ported to Lucid and Allegro on Sun-3s) to translate a DBMS system from BCPL to C as part of a porting project; then supporting A.I. researchers as a sysadmin and Lisp consultant (mostly on Allegro on Sun and SGI, as well as on Symbolics Lisp machines).

For the past more than eleven years I've been working at a research network operator. In 1998 I wrote an experimental system called "Fluxoscope" to process accounting information from the new "Netflow" system that Cisco added to its routers. Almost ten years later, this system is still in production, processing about 40'000 Netflow records per second year-in, year-out on a two-CPU Intel GNU/Linux server running Allegro CL. It is used for volume-based billing, monitoring, and traffic planning. I'm still adding functionality to this system, most recently Netflow v9/IPFIX and IPv6 support, as well as a special accounting application for a wireless "peering" project. Of course it contains an embedded HTTP server (based on AllegroScript), as well as an SNMP agent for monitoring.

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