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theclapp.myopenid.com wrote
on February 28th, 2008 at 12:43 pm

what I do with Lisp

I use the Lispworks editor as my primary editor both for home and work. In support of using it for work, I wrote a small framework for making LW automatically mirror some files to a remote server on save, via rsync (described here (http://theclapp.blog-city.com/editing_locally_saving_remotely_lispworks_editor_backed_by.htm), with some maybe-actually-working code).

I have a couple of (relatively) active projects:

* a Vim mode for Lispworks (http://theclapp.org/blog/tags/vim_mode/)
* a GUI program to track my weight and exercise. I've never done much GUI stuff so it's very educational. I may decide to use Kenny's Cells library.

And an inactive project: a Lisp shell that works efficiently on both local and remote accounts.

And an idea for a project: a Lisp interface to the Linux userland filesystem (FUSE). I'd then enhance my editor plugin to use it, and enhance my current home-grown "time machine"-like rbackup setup to use it.

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