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An anonymous user wrote
on February 28th, 2008 at 11:16 am

It aint dead

I work for www.cleartrip.com. The site mostly runs on CL. We use Allegro CL (earlier we did use CMUCL for some time). The UI rendering, the booking engines, the supplier integration, the payment gateways - all CL. Small parts of the site are done in RoR. We use hunchentoot, cl-ppcre, html-template, cl-memcached and lots of other lisp libraries. Company started with using a canned product made with Java+Oracle. We then replaced parts of it in parallel, proved better performance and stability and were then commissioned (so to speak).

We started with only me but now have about 10 lispers. Things learned : Freshers pick up lisp pretty fast if given simple guidance. You can build very high performance systems with CL. You can build very flexible and maintainable systems in CL.


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