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An anonymous user wrote
on February 28th, 2008 at 09:02 am

Old Faithful White Elephant

... is CL to me. Something I never really get the time to get suitably skilled in, yet I always return to it whenever I am hunting for that good old feeling which writing a good program used to give me.

Use so far (personal project) has been implementing some of the simpler methods for technical analysis of stock quotes, with automatic mining of data from a number of web sources. I am currently baking it into Hunchentoot to make it into something useful. I use SBCL on FreeBSD for serverside things, LispWorks Personal for most development, and of course emacs+slime. I do plan to take the leap of faith by purchasing a LispWorks license, but they are still a bit too pricey for a no-budget project unfortunately.

Working in a very C++-oriented industry, I really use CL most to point out to my fellow programmers how bloated and ugly any sort of C++ code looks in comparison. "What, is that a class definition with accessors and all?" :)


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