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An anonymous user wrote
on February 27th, 2008 at 08:48 pm

Currently, I'm mainly using CL for a private hobby web-app. When I started some 1,5 years ago, I was wondering at all the marvellous libraries that had popped up for CL (I'd done AI related lisp programming in the 90s), so I wanted to try stuff like CLSQL, CL-PPCRE, CXML and UCW. In addition, my day job had me absorbed in text manipulation and I thought I would need to do a little bit more straight programming in order not to forget that some day or other I had achieved a CS degree. I think the experiences I made will be a benefit for my next job, although it's gonna involve Python, but anyway.

Ah, and recently I had the chance to use CL at work, pulling data from some KR schema.

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