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An anonymous user wrote
on February 27th, 2008 at 08:38 pm

web things

I'm (we are three involved) doing a web startup called stix.to (http://stix.to), we create a new layer on top of the internet. It means you can put videos, pictures and texts on top of any page you are visiting, and other people will see what you have added when they get to the same page. A plugin for you browser gets you the full feature set, you can also see pages without any plugin, see our ad on superbowl (http://stix.to/keyhole/*/www.azsuperbowl.com/events.aspx).

We use an old branch of parenscript, and an internal lisp/parenscript integration framework for the things that interact with the plugin. The persistence layer is elephant, to which we made a new postgresql storage backend. The web server we use is the ucw_ajax branch of UnCommonWeb. We use cl-json connected to ucw to make a json-rpc interface for communicating between the browser plugin and server. And of course we use all sorts of other open-source lisp libraries for various things.

On my spare time, I'm doing the usual stuff: Trying to design my own perfect persistence solution, and trying to find a way to make the perfect cpan for Lisp.
/Henrik Hjelte

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