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Boston Lisp Meeting

The first Boston Lisp Meeting is in a week. I'll be there (via train). I know few other people will be there too. Are you going to be there? Leave a comment if you think you will.




I'll be there, I'm sure. - dlowe

You don't know me but...

i'll be there.


toot toot

see ya there
- DH
I can't make it for this one but I definitely plan to attend one of the Boston Lisp Meetings this summer.


i'll be there too

I live in the area, I'll definitely be there....

-- dave


Other Lisp Groups?

Hi, do you know if there's a list of other Lisp groups? I'm looking for something in the Seattle area in particular.


Re: Other Lisp Groups?

I've heard of SeaFunc, but I"m not sure what else might be going on.

Re: Other Lisp Groups?

Yeah, SeaFunc (http://seafunc.org/) is the place to be. It's more general (Haskell and Ocaml get bandied about), but still predominantly Lispy.
You have probably already sussed this, but I can't (didn't) crash the party, due to schedule conflicts. Maybe next time!
Me neither, since the goddamn train never left Portland.
Snap!! I didn't check fpage before commenting. Sorry to hear it.