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More scrolly Lisp web toys

screedbot is the latest Lisp-powered wigflip web toy. It's for making animated typewriter text graphics.

The original plan was to use a hybrid of Skippy and Vecto, but it turned out that rendering all the glyphs all the time got way too slow. To improve performance, I switched to making and caching a Skippy frame for every glyph seen in the font. That's eliminated the bottleneck of Vecto's rasterization work, and it can generate a GIF animation with hundreds of frames in a fraction of a second. I'm pretty happy with how it worked out.

It's hard to say which parts I can factor out into standalone libraries, but I do at least hope to write up the docs for the original hybrid library, Skepto, and release it.




Does the font you use support only latin characters? (I've tried in russian out of curiosity, it displays empty boxes).

I couldn't find a typewriter-style font with cyrillic glyphs. Do you know of one?


No, I don't and indeed, it's not so easy to find (as turned out).
True type font with cyrillic.

Something dirty but better than nothing.
Hey, that's pretty cool! I made a special version here:


Does that work ok?
Super. I cannot stop playing:)


Yes, it works excellent. It's funny to write various proverbs.

Could you add a parameter, to not use the pause before replaying the text? I want an animation of recursive saying, as if the text is endless.
I'll keep something like that in mind.
I translated your post for the community ru_lisp.