cliki outage

The domain expired on November 21. I just paid the renewal fee at the registrar, so hopefully it will be back to life soon.

update It's back now. I also just found out I paid the renewal fee under emergency circumstances last year too. Who the hell gets the renewal reminder notices, anyway? I swear, I won't pay it again in 2008!



I have the opposite situation — GoDaddy reminds me about expiring domains too much
What irks me is I'm not even the domain owner...I'm just the first person who pays the bill when disappears once a year.


Whois says....

The Registry database contains ONLY .COM, .NET, .EDU domains and Registrars.domain: owner: Daniel Barlow organization: metacircles email: ... contact-hdl: CNET-87680 person: Erik Enge organization: Enge Software email:



I seem to remember Dan saying he'd lost all access to that e-mail address last year...
It might be interesting to see what would happen if disappeared.
Not for anyone who finds asdf-install useful.


Ouch. A more robust system sure would be nice... Say, a decentralized network of mirrors, with good bandwidth...

I'll bring this up in the TUNES project... we like CL, and I think we can help -- eventually :-)

- Tom Novelli

asdf-install useful?

I'm not sure if asdf-install is a solution or a problem. All I know is that it DTRT about half the time. A "working" system would, in order of importance, (1) provide up-to-date libraries that didn't puke, (2) handle dependencies well, (3) be smart about knowing which lisp (and which version) I use, and (4) (I can dream) do all this completely behind the scenes with zero knowledge or action on my part.

asdf-install currently does none of these in a reliable way. It's a huge step forward, but doesn't reach the level of magic that I wish for. Apt-get a python library-- super easy, super fast, super reliable. Or pull a perl module off CPAN. Fairly easy, fairly fast and fairly reliable. For all that asdf is awesome, I don't marvel at it so much as I wonder about the future it promises.

Re: asdf-install useful?

Oh, I forgot the original reason I wanted to comment: thanks much for saving Cliki.


Federate domain names?

Why not use a single "root" domain name? could be hung under asdf-install stuff could be hung under etc.


The email in the whois for is to, so you're basically at the mercy of this fellow: -- who picked that up earlier this year. FYI.
Is there a working contact address for the owner of the domain and of the person running the server? It's worthwhile for many of us to keep the site online and I would be willing to help.

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