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johnfredcee wrote
on October 5th, 2007 at 10:03 am

Change Class

I recently had a similar dilemma parsing elf files.

Once I'd read all the sections of the file, I had an array of elf-section objects. Some of the sections have quite complicated semantics (eg relocation entries referencing symbols, symbol names, and some other code/data section) that couldn't really be accounted for while the sections were being read.

So I had two options - do a second pass over the sections, chaging them to a more specialised type than elf-section and have specific methods specialise on these for symbol lookup, or string lookup or whatever, or just have a number of different methods for retreiving different things specialised only to the base section type.

I went with this but I'm beginning to think it was the wrong decision in terms of long-term extensibility - it would be better to have the sections specialise themselves as there are many possible types: ultimately it's a means of reducing the combinatorial explosion becaue the section-entry acessors specialise only on what they have to and not on the general case and validate they are used correctly.

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