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An anonymous user wrote
on October 4th, 2007 at 07:17 pm

It isn't <em>*that*</em> horrendous.

The situation you describe in this post is one where change-class can be put to good use. You've got an abstract class (a clipping-path) and three concrete representation classes. You are using change-class to transparently switch representations as needed.

Horrendous is more along the lines of this:

(let ((my-fish (get-fish *aquarium*)))
  (change-class my-fish 'bicycle)
  (shift-gears my-fish 3))

You can really screw up the semantics of object identity if you use change-class in an undisciplined way, but you can also use it to preserve object identity in the face of representation changes, schema upgrades, and incremental debugging.

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