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Confidential to Bowie P. in Arizona

Bowie Poag hits TheDailyWTF.

The story is epic.

And it worked. After two and a half hours of hacking Perl, DB2, and NIS/YP, the system was back up. The group definitions were now broken into separate lines and the database was re-pushed across the network. Over the next week, Bowie learned enough Perl to totally replace Dave's jalopy of a script.

And still, as much as he would've loved to point the finger of blame on Dave, professional integrity prevented him from doing so. All of the blame fell squarely on Bowie's shoulders, and while he had some hurt feelings, it didn't hurt his career on the whole.

Wow! Unlike every other Bowie project, he did not blame someone else for its failure. Good show!


And who wrote the story :)? sounds like Bowie's self promotion :)